November 23, 2005

the end of an era

until the next one at least. i just got back from the marina, and the boate is now officially under new ownership. the new owner, david, seems like a really cool guy who will take care of her and enjoy her as much as we all have (and he wants to keep the captain's blogge going too, so we can continue to follow the story). i was having a LOT of second thoughts when i was filling out the paperwork. there will be other boats in my future, but i will not ever forget my "first love".
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August 25, 2005

the boate is for sale: 1969 coronado 25

this is gonna go on craigslist tomorrow at some point, but thought i would put it up here first for comments, suggestions, and first dibs. i feel a little sad already. "the boate" is for sale. a 25' 1969 coronado sailboat, a wealth of good times and good fun. berthed in the berkeley marina, slip comes with the boat. $3500 (o.b.o. she is a boat after all) is all it takes to get out on the bay right now! has a new 5HP honda four stroke outboard. new mast tabernacle. sails beautifully. here is her official website and captain's blog. and here is an incomplete photo history. and more photos on flickr here. also, some videos: 1, 2, and 3 the domain name "" is included.

Coronado 25 Sales Brochure

1971 Sailboat Directory and GuideBrochure Page 1Brochure Page 2Brochure Page 3Brochure Page 4boate  on angel island
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August 24, 2005

from monday

bret, julie and i sailed over to angel island. boate  on angel island
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August 21, 2005

sailing and scarfing

i went out for the day with phil and dave, sailed up through raccoon strait and then back through the main channel between alcatraz and angel island. we got ashore and headed out to dave's in clayton and ate for around three hours. it was a great day. sailing august 20
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July 31, 2005

flying kites and sailing

the berkeley kite festival is this weekend, and phil and i sailed the boate just off the marina breakwater to get an unparalelled view of the kites. it was as good a day as you get in the bay area, and for a while as we cruised along near angel island i dragged my hands along in the water off the stern, which would normally turn my fingers into little popsicles. not today, it was beautiful and inviting, and over at ayala cove lots of boaters were swimming, swinging from halyards over the water. i made this photo into my desktop, click on the image to go over to flickr and download the large size of it if you want to do the same. it's nice. berkeley kite festival
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June 06, 2005

a nice smooth day

i went out saturday with my friend kate, and it was a truly gorgeous day. the wind shifted around quite a bit, and ended the day coming from the south. we sailed over to angel island, sat at one of the picnic tables in the warm summer sun, and ate the sandwiches we brought. sailing doesn't get much better.
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May 14, 2005

playing hooky

yesterday phil kin and i decided that, having successfully reached hump day, we should spend the afternoon sailing (vid). we tied up at angel island and had sandwiches, then cruised over to tiburon and tied up there and had coffee. we were going to have a drink at sam's on their deck looking over the dock where the boate was tied, but the waiter told us that we would have to sit elsewhere, as they were only serving dinner on the deck. (there were 30 empty tables). i think, but am not sure, this may have had something to do with my "drink and ditch" joke moments earlier. it would have been pretty tough for the waiter to catch us if we escaped on the boate, parked about 15 yards away from the table we wanted. but it was pure stupidity to shut down three thirsty boaters, in my opinion. there was ONE other person on angel island that was not a park ranger. it was extra cool.
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May 10, 2005

singing on the boate

i was trying to figure out why some of citizen x's videos of the band massengil aren't playing on internet archive just now, and i ran across this clip of me playing on the boate a couple weeks back that i thought had vanished into the ether.
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sunday's video

i have uploaded the video of yesterday's sail to angel island. it also turns into an interesting comparison of compression formats, at least if you have the latest version of quicktime. if you are on a mac and have QT 7 installed, you can watch the vastly superior and smaller file-sized(7.5MB) H.264 version. if you are on a windows machine and have the latest version of QT for windows (6.5 as of this writing) you can check out the larger file-sized (8.6MB), smaller screen image MPEG-4 version. the music is a clip from a song i am working on. best listened to on HEADPHONES.
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April 30, 2005

loosey goosey

the boate had just cleared the breakwater this afternoon with jane and ryan and i aboard, when all of a sudden, like a shoulder popping out of socket, the boom separated from the gooseneck. the boom vang had loosened, allowing the boom to do what it pleased, and apparently it felt like it wanted a little time away from the mast. we lowered the main and motored over to the fuel dock, where we set things right again before cruising back out in some nice breeze ahead of a front blowing in. we made it back to the slip just as the first drop of rain landed on my head and ate sandwiches in the cabin with the space heater running. gooseneck diagram
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