domain name

the domain name has propogated, and this is now….nice. now i have to get this page looking a little crisper. as in a lot.
ron and mark are hanging at sac terrace working off what appear to be brutal hangovers. seems like some kind of publicity campaign needs to be waged against the overall impression on the street that 111 minna has closed its doors for good. need to let people know its just 55.5 minna for the next .25 or so years……..


so by the time you are reading this, i probably will have ironed out most of the cosmetic flaws, so i decided to save for posterity’s sake an image of what this thing looks like right now. fuck this is going to be the most mundane website of all time. mebbe i can take up a hobby of taking pictures of cancelled stamps or something more exciting than this crap.

Download “this looks like dogshit” as a pdf file


that image deal is cool. what is not cool is fucking around with the templates in moveable type. i wish i could figure out a less laborious way of dealing with these style sheets, by the time i do i will be done with the fucker.

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