qualifying day

we went over to the estadio de beisbol (home of the oaxaca guerreros) this morning, then outside the city for qualifying time trials. i spent most of the day with a three-chip camera shooting cars blasting off from the starting line. the amount of horsepower here, and gasoline being burnt, is pretty impressive. oaxaca has a lot of beautiful things about it, and it prides itself on having the best mole around. i had a big plate of pechuga tonight, and it was one of the best i’ve had. more photos are up.

UPDATE: (from bret’s blog)

Congrats to Piloto Kevin Jones and Mark Williams in the Subaru for having the fastest overall time of the day with their 4:33! The fastest historic was Roger Habich and Daryl Habich with their 4:36!

benito and the flag

city aflame

i just flew over los angeles on my way in, and the multiple fires burning in the southland looked pretty bad from up there. also, the city looks incomprehensibly big and crowded and packed with cars to someone arriving from three months in the jungle. there was *traffic* on the freeways at 11:30 at night.

flying into los angeles

…not bringing in a couple of keys. bringing 680 grams of whole bean coffee though. sitting at the boarding gate in san jose costa rica and getting on the plane in a minute.

update: arrived. there was a delay getting out of costa rica. i looked over at the passenger inspection table as i was queued up to board, and tommy lee was involved in a dialog with security that from afar reminded me of the scene in spinal tap where derek smalls goes through the metal detector:
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headed to mexico

going to go hang out with my brother for his unlimited class of la carrera panamericana in mexico next week. first though, i will be in LA for one day on tuesday. actually, i will be there for less than a full day, but will be back there in november for a little while.

i know, i posted about staying here instead of going to the race, but as a sign outside one of the inns here reminds me every time i head to the beach: “a good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” -lao tzu.

i will be arriving in mexico on wednesday morning 😉