cat cover

i wanted to sing a cat stevens song the other day, so i did a google search for the lyrics and wound up on his site. there is an area where fans submit their cover versions of his songs, so i recorded into white tonight.
my dad was the production designer on harold and maude, and as a kid i listened to probably more cat stevens than any developing mind should be allowed. i tracked this one without having to listen to the original again.

thank you yahoo!

thank you for giving into the white house’s subpoena! considering the amount of personal information i have entrusted you with, both personal and financial, i am now extremely concerned about your privacy policy. you need to address this issue immediately, or you willl lose one customer, WITHOUT QUESTION.

oh and by the way, i don’t care if the next subpoena says that the white house wants to use the information to SAVE PUPPIES. i, for one, don’t believe much of anything that comes out of that office these days. the information was used to research child pornography, to protect children? PLEASE. anyone who believes that is naive or in denial.

UPDATE: phil makes the point in comments that MSN “works closely with law enforcement officials worldwide to assist them when requested”. that’s why i already DO NOT use MSN. but i do use yahoo, and have for years. my reaction in posting this is really out of a sense of PERSONAL VIOLATION.

what’s really going on with iran?

iran is everywhere in the news today. the stock market is very nervous. before we blindly accept another military action on the basis of weapons of mass destruction, maybe we should pause to reflect on what we would REALLY be fighting for.
currently oil is traded only in two markets, the NYMEX in new york and the IPE in london. both are controlled by US interests, and all transactions are in US dollars. the iranian oil bourse is scheduled to open this spring, and will create a new exchange where trade is conducted in euros. if this exchange is successful, it could have a profound effect on the world economy, and the value of the dollar.
i am not going rehash what others have written more capably, but if you are interested, you should read this article, and this one has more details. and in the interest of opposing viewpoints, check this one out.
going down the road to military action in iran is a more unwinnable mission than iraq. they ARE playing hardball, there is no question about it. but we should be very clear about what we can do about it, and HOW. and it shouldn’t escape our notice that beijing and moscow are heavily invested in iran.

At the end of 2004, China became
Iran’s top oil export market. Apart from the oil
and natural gas delivery contracts, the massive
investment being undertaken by China’s state-owned
oil companies in Iran’s energy sector contravenes
the US Iran-Libya Sanctions Act. This law
penalizes foreign companies for investing more
than $20 million in either Libya or Iran.

Side-stepping US laws is nothing new for
China. Beijing, as well as Moscow, has supplied
Tehran with advanced missiles and missile
technology since the mid-1980s. In addition to
anti-ship missiles like the Silkworm, China has
sold Iran surface-to-surface cruise missiles and,
along with Russia, assisted in the development of
Iran’s long-range ballistic missiles. This
assistance included the development of Iran’s
Shihab-3 and Shihab-4 missiles, with a range of
about 2,000 kilometers. Iran is also reportedly
developing missiles with ranges approaching 3,000

the united states has an ignoble history in iran, notably the successful CIA action to remove the prime minister, mohammed mossadegh. we should do everything we can to not add to that history.

this building is going to get medieval on your ass

…one second while i change out of my black trenchcoat and extinguish this clove. i rode around berkeley and took pictures again today. it’s my new favorite way to spend sunday. there is something about the light at the magic hour in berkeley this time of year. i used to get some awesome shots on the boate in winter too. click on this photo and it’ll take you to the flickr album. UPDATE: bret tweaked the white point and the greens and i put his version below. i had already printed down a couple stops and done a little “lab work”, but i like bret’s. a little more radical. now he is bugging me to follow his lead and get a nikon d70.
this building is going to get medieval on your ass

bret lab

why and why not

so i tracked some vox for the song i came up with last night. give it a listen.

it’s about my favorite parable by kafka and phil’s theory that the man from the country awaiting entry could have passed through the gate to the law at any time, and it was only fear that caused him to die waiting outside. i kind of gave the song a happy ending with the notion of promise being behind the mystery door. this is kafka, so you know it’s probably a never-ending russian doll behind that door. i still need to do more drum programming (i’ve been listening to some porno for pyros, and i put the stephen perkins dual snare setup in this one), but i am feeling pretty wiped from lack of sleep and staying at this in manic mode seems stressful to me right now. so….fly, be free.

it’s only fear that’s kept me out here for years in the snow and rain
stare at fleas in a tartar’s beard, a man whose meaning is never clear
i can’t see a reason why not
then why not
not now maybe later, this guard’s my personal savior
did he just say that anything’s possible? that prohibition seems kind of improbable
i can’t see a reason why not
then why not
i’ll be here til the day i die unless i find the reason why
so should i wait here or just go in
beyond this gateway the mystery door
everything here’s familiar and on the other side there is only promise
i can’t see a reason why not
then why not

i got to that place tonight

i got home tonight and picked up the strat. six point five hours later, 4:30 AM, many recorded tracks later, i am listening to a really good song (or at least i *think*. check it out in its roughest state, and listen through to the bridge please). the time flew by, as it always does when all cylinders are firing on music. it’s my form of meditation. now my head is completely clear. or maybe it’s just super late.

speaking of tunes, check out the theme song jane and i did for the 1up show. the extended party mix will come out in a week or so.

confessions of an economic hit man

JD and phil both recommended that i pick up “confessions of an economic hit man” by john perkins. i got it at cody’s today, started reading it on telegraph, and haven’t put it down since. from the intro:

Claudine pulled no punches when describing
what I would be called upon to do. My job, she said, was “to encourage world
leaders to become part of a vast network that promotes U.S. commercial
interests. In the end, those leaders become ensnared in a web of debt that
ensures their loyalty. We can draw on them whenever we desire—to satisfy our
political, economic, or military needs. In turn, they bolster their political
positions by bringing industrial parks, power plants, and airports to their
people. The owners of U.S. engineering and construction companies become
fabulously wealthy.”

Today we see the results of
this system run amok. Executives at our most respected companies hire people at
near-slave wages to toil under inhuman conditions in Asian sweatshops. Oil
companies wantonly pump toxins down rain forest rivers, consciously killing
people, animals, and plants and committing genocide among ancient cultures. The
pharmaceutical industry denies life-saving medicines to millions of HIV-infected
Africans. Twelve million families in our own United States worry about their
next meal. The energy industry creates an Enron. The accounting industry creates
an Andersen. The income ratio of the one-fifth of the world’s population in the
wealthiest countries to the one-fifth in the poorest went from 30:1 in 1960 to
74:1 in 1995. The United States spends over $87 billion conducting a war in Iraq
while the United Nations estimates that for less than half that amount we could
provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitation services, and basic education to
every person on the planet.

And we wonder why
terrorists attack us?