i used to always get “paranoid” whenever someone would cook in one of those teflon pans with the teflon peeling off the metal and into the food. or at least, i was accused of being paranoid. now, it looks like i was right. i bet they add teflon to the list of known carcinogens, along with other fun things like alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. i actually like my one good teflon pan, but i think i’ll stick (pun intended) to my stainless steel copperclads from now on. OH CRAP. this is going to impact the george forman grill i have. and my dupont stock.

eminent domain

while i was offline last week in LA, the supreme court validated what we already sort of knew: the right to own property, the most fundamental tenet of free market capitalism, is truly a right only so long as some really wealthy bastard doesn’t come along and want the property himself. the supreme court ruled that property can be seized by private developers who grease the wheels of democracy with kickbacks and bribes. and no, i am not being facetious here. all they have to do is demonstrate that their development will make more money for the city than your puny house, and the city government can greenlight the caterpillars.
in response, some guy after my own heart is making the moves to tear down supreme court justice david souter’s house and build a hotel on the lot. GENIUS!!!

election in iran

i recently got added to an old friend and mentor’s email list, and in today’s mail was a link to an interesting article discussing the
significance of the recent election in iran. basically, the author sees it as a demonstration of solidarity in the iranian population in the face of all the US saber rattling that has been going on of late.
this article, not to be missed, offers a theory as to why condoleeza is so pissy with the iranians.


i made the mistake of waiting until today to travel (fourth of july weekend travel started today i think), and then made the mistake of waiting until today to purchase a ticket. southwest was a complete mess, so i walked across LAX to the united terminal and bought a ticket there. then i went upstairs to go through security.
a security officer asked me if i was flying first class, or whether i was a united gold member. i said no, and he pointed me to a long line. (i would have been placed at the head of the line otherwise). i started walking to the end of the line, then spun back around and asked the officer whether this was a security checkpoint. yes it was, he said. and it is operated by the TSA? paid for with tax dollars? yes it is, he said. then what bearing does it have whether i am flying in first class or not? because the first class passengers go in a separate line.
i told him i was very confused. he said that he understood my confusion, but that “that’s the way the airline wants it”.
of course when i got to the head of the line, i was placed in the “VIP” area anyhow, for buying a oneway ticket at the airport. what the fuck is going on with the preferential “class” treatment at the airport? sure, this is not exactly the most egregious example of class inequality in this fucked up country of ours, but how is it exactly that people who pay more for their tickets get preferential treatment at a government checkpoint? (for the price i paid they should have thrown fucking rose petals across my path to the metal detector wanding and patdown).

itunes supports video enclosures in rss

i dropped a video rss feed into itunes first thing after i downloaded it this afternoon, and it worked! this is soooooo cool. i wonder why they don’t make mention of support for video feeds. IT IS IMPORTANT! plug the dvi out of your mac into your high definition TV, open itunes with a list of your favorite video program feeds, and you are VERY CLOSE to a replacement for your cable subscription. well, in theory at least. gotta wait for more content providers to get with the new paradigm i suppose.
man i am tired, i somehow got sucked into another night here, and then ended up dusting eight levels of “secret weapons over normandy” until 3AM, after dinner at 26 beach and a small party.

back in ojai for the night

i drove my brother’s car up here today, loaded with my mom’s moving boxes, listening to 3 cds worth of jams and rough mixes i recorded at new bellevue last week. i threw a few clothes and a couple of cameras into a duffle bag and headed to LA for 3 days, over two weeks ago. i wound up installing doors and painting at my mom’s house, recording about 8 gigabytes worth of music in silverlake, buying a suit to go to a business meeting, assisting in some vehicle wheeling and dealing, and now i am ready to get home to my apartment and the boate.
when i got here today, i spent about half an hour standing under the peach and plum trees, their branches looking like they will snap under the weight of all the fruit. i grabbed piece after piece of luscious stone fruit and gorged myself. then i went for a long swim.
southern california has, without question, its appeal.


i am offline until further notice in LA, thanks to the crack (as in smoking a lot of) customer support at COMCAST. i am recording with my friends tony and noah in silverlake, and the cable modem went down yesterday and is STILL down, and their customer relations are MUCH WORSE than you would expect from a company i imagine should be striving its hardest to RETAIN customers. i’m posting this from some internet cafe in hollywood, because i needed drivers for a piece of USB midi gear. the mellotron we’ve been goofing with this afternoon is a little bit too temperamental, time for some software synths.
it is a little disconcerting to be completely without communication; something of a revelation about my dependence on the internet.