dissection of capitalism

i just finished watching capitalism & other kids’ stuff, a 49 minute movie that you absolutely should watch. i had just finished reading newsweek’s broad overview of the sea change occuring in TV, video, and the internet, and happened on a link to this movie on metafilter and downloaded the bittorrent.
the world today is based on a foregone assumption that capitalism is the natural order of things, that free markets are the most efficient means of distributing resources, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. if you are looking for dissenting opinions, you’ll likely have to do a lot of reading. you certainly won’t hear politicians or mainstream media EVER question this underlying assumption, and ALMOST NEVER in the form (video) that most people absorb their ideas from. seeing the well-reasoned argument in this short, opinions that will NEVER be broadcast by conventional media outlets, excites me about a future freed from the stranglehold of a handful of multinational media corporations. i spend most of my time thinking about entertainment of one form or another, and the most insidious serve solely as diversions from reality. i know, this has all been said before, none of it is new. you’ll please excuse me though, showing enthusiasm that things might change, especially on this day commemorating the men and women who have died in wars, the ultimate forum for resolving property disputes.

a fresh tune

i was playing around with the upgraded logic tonight and started a tune. i told myself that i was ONLY going to use loops for a change, as an experiment in composing, but before i knew it i was knee deep in cables, guitars, keyboards, and microphones. i went to see the documentary about haskell wexler last night, and there was a trailer for a steve mcqueen bio before it, and for some reason this tune sounds like a mcqueen/clint eastwood score to me. pump it through some speakers or headphones.


i have spent the better part of this afternoon moving files around, exporting videos to burn to DVD, pruning my itunes (NOT an elegant app for dealing with tons of songs), and going through my archive of songs in progress, and upgrading my logic audio to 7.1.
i have a 1gigahertz imac, and a G3 i am using as a file server, but i am starting to feel like i did when i recorded and mixed a whole album on a G3 desktop with a 6 gig harddrive in cubase: my shit is old and antiquated. especially when it comes time to export video, the number crunching required BEGS for a dual processor G5. and a couple of the software synths in logic just will not respond tastefully on this machine. i don’t even want to go into what a new box would do for my WoW framerate.
a mac hardware addiction is a crack binge with a much longer period of time between hits. i am feeling the burning desire.

friday afternoon guitar playing video

i finished some stuff i was working on this afternoon and decided i would try strumming something for the cam. i heard this radiohead song on the radio when i was in LA last week, and i remembered listening to it and getting all misty on at least one occasion years ago, so i thought i would play and sing it to see if i could get to the bottom of why it was so moving back then. i might need to use external microphones, the vocals didn’t really cut through the guitar. i just had a listen on headphones and the stereo separation sounds pretty cool.
picking AND grinning

the citizen’s egg

i got to help solve a little puzzle tonight that reminded me slightly of the book the cuckoo’s egg. my friend citizen x came on messenger at around 1:30, telling me to check out his site. there was a large official-looking banner image in place of the regular blog, saying that the site had been shut down by the department of homeland defense for disseminating seditious material. cit x has been quite vocal in his disapproval of this administration, and for a minute i was apprehensive about logging onto the server to figure out what had happened. when, however, i saw that the name of the image was siteOWNED.jpg , i knew it was amateur hacker time.
it took me another 5 minutes to log onto the server, run through the access logs, and determine that the “hacking” had been done from citizen x’s own terminal, while he was out to dinner.
someone is going to be in trouble when a list of houseguests for last evening is provided to citizen x. then the mystery will truly be solved.

the wilsonius institute

i went and saw my old friend anthony wilson play tonight at yoshi’s. on the car ride down, i was a little preoccupied because i spaced my vid cam at home, but i got over it and man, what a great show. i learned guitar playing in bands with wilson, and he is just so much better than any player out there. as a composer, he is just so fucking good, the songs have so much depth and complexity, yet the feel is always right there. wilson is just so outstandingly good. keep it up willy!
jesus, with a review that effusive coming out of my fingers, i might have to add that i drank hot chocolate at the gig, not a couple bottles of red wine…

choppy and foggy

it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day on the water when phil and i left my apartment. by the time we reached the marina about eight minutes later, a different story was unfolding. the fog was pushing in fast, wind was high, and the swellls looked formidable. so instead, i shot some vid from the safety of the berkeley pier.

woman in the window

tonight, as i was pulling into the apartment’s garage , i looked up and saw the old woman who lives above the electric gate staring out her window. i see her every now and again, in the courtyard under the lemon tree, in the basement laundry room, and most often sitting at the window watching cars pull in and out of the garage. people can look very different depending on their context. she is always quite cheerful whenever we meet with our laundry baskets in the elevator or on the sidewalk with our grocery bags. but every time i see her sitting there, even today with a perfect dusky pink sunset reflecting off the window glass, she looks sad.