emerald green

And now there came both mist and snow,
And it grew wondrous cold :
And ice, mast-high, came floating by,
As green as emerald.
rime of the ancient mariner – coleridge

it was pretty cold at the berkeley marina, but once i sailed past the breakwater (solo again today), the sun was shining and things warmed up enough to take off the jacket, pull out the guitar and do some serious multi-tasking, steering with my legs and entertaining the seabirds. when i raised the jib, the shackle broke at the tack of the sail, so i went forward and improvised with another shackle.
around 4, i found myself at the northeastern opening of raccoon strait and i knew that if i didn’t chase the sun out of the shadow of angel island on the way back to berkeley, my life was going to be VERY cold for the next couple hours. i was joined near the immigration station by a group of seals out for dinner (the currents there were strong and strange). luckily i was dressed warmly, with a down jacket over my favorite moth-tattered irish knit sweater, and sheepskin gloves, because when the sun finally did set, i could vivdlly imagine that wind from the north flowing over the mariner’s emerald green ice on its way to me and the boate. i got in well after dark. more pictures are here.

musical crack

itunes is addictive. instant gratification for reliving the moments in your life that have a soundtrack. they say that smell is the sense most associated with memory recall. although it’s pretty strong for me (look at my nose for god’s sake) my ears are stronger.
i love the acoustics of the cabin on the boate. i need to setup a mobile unit for recording down there. which means i need a laptop. my brother sent me an article about the apple store being the new place to meet singles. hmmm. one-stop holiday shopping, anyone?
slip kid / the who


mj just posted some pix from our sail a couple weeks ago. so beautiful. ok, i need to get out of my sunday pajamas and down to the marina. going to take a thermos of tea and my guitar and pen and sit and sing and write.

handline big eye

as a result of a conversation last night i realized that i have not been into my local fish market in maybe forever. so today i went in. i got a big piece of hawaiian handline-caught big-eye tuna, rubbed it with cracked pepper and salt, and pan-seared it for less than a minute on each side in butter and sesame oil. put it on a mound of shredded carrot in the middle of a plate of wee little asparagus and shredded lettuce. fresh lemon, wasabi, rice vinegar, sesame oil and minced red onion were in attendance. i didn’t really do enough to deserve it today, besides thinking, dreaming, and staring out the window with headphones on. getting ideas. i’ll have to be more productive tomorrow.
right now though, i’m going online with citizen x(box) to represent for our halo 2 clan.

something in the air

i heard this tune coming out of the t.v. on thanksgiving, and it’s been looping on and off in my head since. i can hardly remember my own lyrics, and i was having trouble googling the melody as sung by me. luckily my brother could think of a few of the words when i hummed it to him, and i just got the song from itunes. thunderclap newman was started as a side project by pete townshend. very cool. now i can listen this one to death.
my favorite song of the moment, however, is here.
drill daddy drill.
i should update the list of songs i have in my looping playlist. one slightly embarrassing one: sheryl crow’s “if it makes you happy”. whatever, that song fuckin’ rocks. i heard it the other day when i was in kragen auto parts. now it’s looping with the others.
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret Queens Of The Stone Age
Fairytale Of New York The Pogues
A Pair Of Brown Eyes The Pogues
My Poor Brain Foo Fighters
ThankYou Led Zeppelin
Heaven Talking Heads
As The Days Go By Talking Heads
Sparkle City Shuggie Otis
Lucky Man The Verve
Something in the Air Thunderclap Newman
last goodbye Jeff Buckley
Endless Affair Dealership
Hey Hey What Can I Do Led Zeppelin
On A Plain Nirvana
Next To You The Police
Super Bon Bon Soul Coughing
If It Makes You Happy Sheryl Crow
Message of Love Pretenders

non-linear editing

the fluidity and rapidity with which i can load different songs, punch-in an idea or a complete track, and then move onto a complete different environment is causing me to get somewhat disoriented after several hours of work. kinda like hitting playback, turning the volume to 11, and then spinning in your chair.

pocket dreaming

steen gave me the pocket version of sailing alone around the world, (i particularly like ransome’s declaration that “boys who do not like this book ought to be drowned at once”). it makes for excellent reading immediately before retiring, a favorite embarkation point for the land of nod. i had it in my pocket when i solo captained this week as well.
it appears i will be doing more solo journeys, as captain steen has announced his retirement from sailing. something of a pity, methinks. perhaps a new co-captain will hear the call of the wind and the sea.


while i agree with x in principle about this holiday, let me just offer a toast to the general spirit of being thankful.

i’m thankful just to be here. and happy no less.
thanks to all the people who make my life so much richer by being my friends. (bret and mom, that includes you).
cheers to all.

trees, meet the forest.

tonight as i have been allowing gluten to relax and milk to infuse with various spices (mmmm djarum flavored ice cream), i have been organizing and bouncing down tracks from the last month or so. it’s pretty easy to not see the forest when you are climbing a single tree. i always get pretty myopic when i am working on a group of songs.
i have gotten a fuckload done this month. i’ve kind of surprised myself.
i’m putting everything on the ipod to listen to them away from the computer and work on lyrics.
i have to eventually move all the work from the g3. there are about 10 good songs on there, but they are all recorded using cubase and reason. that could be a pain.
and i just got paranoid about a backup, listening to my harddrive labor away copying some files. i lost a couple months’ worth of overdubs and vocal tracks to a corrupted drive when i was recording “full range”. that sucked shit. my favorite working title on any of the tracks? “candy tosses his shit”.
NOTE: the ipod/itunes copy-protection-synchronization is really a frustrating nuisance when you’re trying to use the ipod as a tool for music production. well, sort of. there is a lot of useless copying that goes on.

ice cream and pie

there are a ton of varieties of tasty apples in the store. i have an ice cream maker. i have been invited to an orphan potluck at mj’s. therefore: i am making apple tart galette on top of some kind of improvised pastry, and ice cream (i think vanilla, honey, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon).
i should make some bread too.

i sure am going to be kicking myself for waiting until 3:15 on wednesday to go to the market though. fucking idiot.

UPDATE: yes, i was kicking myself.

i looked at a bunch of recipes online but didn’t find one that i liked exactly, so i’m going to combine a couple of them. i think i’m going to try this: i’m going to make some pastry dough and bake it in a shallow pan. then i’m going to glaze the dough, to seal it, with this kiwi-gooseberry preserve i have. from there, i have a couple different plans of attack, all of them involving butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and apples. one plan involves making some sort of creme patissiere layer underneath all that appleness. or i may soften a bunch of apples and smoosh them and then top them with thin slices. i got some really good looking (and smelling) fuji, pippin, and johnathons. sliced almonds are going on top of whatever it turns out to be.

i don’t make dessert all that often, so i am making ice cream as well to redeem myself in case this apple thing turns out to be an ugly mess.