skype for mac

i think we’ve all been waiting for this. skype for mac. the frightening thing? i just plunked down my 10 euros, clicked on my cel, and it connected, flawlessly and tastefully. guess what application is going to be travelling to new zealand with us?

i wonder if skype is going to leapfrog ichat and the others. my handle is hiwattage. (i own a hiwatt 100 amp).

via joi ito

model sailing

bret and paul and i took the model boats over to marina del rey to sail them, after a little canal sailing. the wedding was cool yesterday, i am waiting for some photos to post. the newlyweds, mr. and mrs. ron choi, stopped by the house today, they are honeymooning at a suite nearby.

unlimited visibility…until l.a.

i have never seen it as clear as today, i spent the whole flight from oakland to l.a.x. with my book in my lap, glued to the window (and my polarized sunglasses were doing cool colorization things with the laminated airplane windows). until…my hometown. i have only seen one dirtier sky in my life, and that’s over cairo. (o.k. maybe mexico city). i’m sitting on the porch at bret and paul’s watching the ducks float along the canal, waiting for my brother to drive in from the grand canyon.

goin’ mobile

naturally the weather here has become outrageously beautiful just as i prepare to embark on about a month of travelling. tomorrow i am on a plane to L.A. to hang out at ron choi’s wedding and kick back at bret and paulie’s pad on the venice canals for a few days. i anticipate reverting to my so cal roots for the weekend, getting in some tasty hot weather activities and body surfing.
monday afternoon i get back and start packing for wednesday’s departure to new zealand for a month. it’s gonna be a blast. steen has roughed out an itinerary on his blog, with some links. my only regret? gonna miss burning man this year. (kidding. very much just kidding…jackie).

citizen x: man in the street

phil and i were talking this weekend about citizen x’s new blog. if you haven’t already checked it out, you should. he’s in new york right now reporting on the opportunistically absurd staging of the first republican national convention there in 150 years…and what’s being done to bring the hypocrisy and duplicity of this event to light.
i have known him to get involved in some rather interesting shenanigans over the years. like i said, one to keep an eye on.

polyphonic spree

i am listening to the polyphonic spree album right now. everyone has been playing it around the gallery, but listening to it in the background isn’t quite the same. it’s really good.

song update/lamely analyzing things in public

after listening to last night’s tune a few more times it’s several people’s stories in one, but it’s confused and i didn’t seem to find the thread in all of them yet. i was talking with alberto on IM, talking about songwriting and completion, and how i pretty much just have a ton of incomplete sketches sitting around until i pressure myself to put together a cd, at which point i go through and edit all the little pieces. i am a pretty good editor, but it’s kind of hard to get motivated to do some of the more frustrating work. am i starting to sound like some kind of artiste? perhaps i should rethink my new willingness to share stuff prior to finishing it.

maybe it’s the word “love”. for years i kept it out of my songs consciously, as a word that in songs is akin to “baby”. (in my mind). meaningless and clich?┬ęd. just listened to the song again and it didn’t bug me, because i wasn’t really listening. noone listens to lyrics anyhow. i sure don’t.

shaken, stirred & cuckolded

this one sort of streamed out of the subconscious last night as emotional and intellectual sampling. my feeling is that it is really not done yet, but i want to get it out of my hands right now and listen to it a little more before i mess with it. i started one place, and ended up hitting about a hundred ports of call before ending up in a foreign land. basically, what goes through james bonds’ mind when his woman cheats on him? but of course, he feels sorry for the poor chap who doesn’t measure up to his legendary bondness. he still ends up with moneypenny in the end. (alberto says i need a real accordion in there. thanks to mj for putting this image in my head). here’s the mp3.

left the dock before the dawn
headed out to the farralones
felt like we’d sailed into the book of myst

coffee in the morning fog
drinking in the evening sun
living high on caffeine and rum

sometimes i dream i’m kubla kahn
it doesn’t seem to turn you on
but it’s a stately pleasure dome to me

we hit the land and the albatross
for pints and games of darts
it comes easy or it doesn’t come at all

makes me feel sad for the rest, they don’t realize they’ve been bested again tonight
i’m in love and alone again tonight

say my mistress is a fickle one
our arrangement’s quite european
she gets who she wants and i do too

i never worry that our hearts will stray
and if they do it’ll be that way
because you know love ain’t for keepin

she’s had affairs and i’ve had mine
now the days of roses and wine
have had some time to gather dust

it goes a little deeper than lust
but in the end i really must
go back to her because she’s the best

makes me feel sad for the rest, they don’t realize they’ve been bested again tonight
i’m in love and alone again tonight