self censoring

i posted then removed a post tonight. i don’t do that hardly ever, but i was irritated with some things today, vented about them, then thought better about sharing them at this juncture.
i will post my comments maybe at some later date, as the story unfolds. i hate to be cryptic like this, but i suppose it is for the best.

it’s all about the boate

i missed the telecast of john kerry’s speech, but i just read it. i am going to spend some time this weekend going over his platform online. the man has a herculean task ahead of him, on several fronts. very very difficult decisions need to be made over the coming decade, and i am curious to see if at the very least the initial rhetoric looks as though he has some broad vision and framework for attacking things like the economy and foreign policy. he concluded his address with a metaphor that was sure to win my vote:
“That is the kind of America I will lead as President ‚Äì an America where we are all in the same boat.”

looking better

i did a quick redesign because i was sick of looking at that green. this is a little more like it. i was thinking of several things that i wanted to write about on the train home from minna tonight, then got distracted by the cosmetics and now my head is empty. strictly stylesheet over substance here tonight.

conflicted contribution

i just made a contribution to the kerry/edwards campaign. not a big one at all, when i read about a friend from high school dropping a million bucks into their coffers. actually, not a big contribution by any measure. here’s my dilemma:

a.) i am sickened by the cash-hungry beast of campaign finance, and believe that a contribution, regardless of size, tends to perpetuate this corrupt system.

b.) i really want bush and his ultrahawks out of power.

basically an ideological/pragmatic disagreement, and, as usual, pragmatism wins out.

bill clinton

he is pure charisma. i wonder how much of his speech he wrote himself, because, save for the (largely excusable) moments of self-aggrandizement, he pegged that one. good thing noone had to follow that. (except for patti labelle, i guess).

hidden bike track

i took my bike and guitar down to the boate today, and went for a ride towards a big tent (lower left). some horse circus variant of cirque du soleil (with requisite euro name: cavalia) is setting up near golden gate fields, apparently irritating the local stage workers, who are out picketing in force.
on the way there, i cut through a small hole in a big bramble patch, over a trampled down chain link fence, and found this hidden bmx track. i got all rad, getting air and in general tearing it up….but you’ll just have to take my word for it, because no one was there to take pictures.

that’s it.

i’m done for the night, at 4 in the morning. it still looks pretty stupid around here, like maybe a new-age patchoulli environmentally friendly life-improvement bookstore and homopathic remedy megacenter. fuck it. i live in berkeley, so i am permitted to occasionally design my site to look like i’m hawking amazonian pharmaceuticals. hmmmm. anybody got any?