memorial sunday

a simply excellent day out there on the bay. cary was home for the weekend from new york, daniel dent came along and captured some cool images, and the dual captains piloted the boate some 24.66 nautical miles in seven and half hours of easygoing light summer wind. temperature was quite warm, and the boate averaged 3.2 knots/hour, with a maximum speed of 7.7 knots/hour reached. we travelled out to paradise cove, casually followed the shore north to san quentin, then meandered over towards the east brother light house and just north of point orient before heading back home to the berkeley marina. more photos, from steen’s camera, are here

cherries and bombs

late night snacking. cherries are so good. with some unfiltered, unsweetened cranberry juice. i set the timer on my watch to countdown the minutes on the clothes dryer tonight, then came upstairs and started some single-player pandora tomorrow gaming. i was sneaking around this corner, when all of a sudden a proximity mine starts beeping, i panic and feel a major rush of adrenaline as i try to beat a hasty retreat to the shadows. it takes me about ten full seconds to realize that the beeping was not in fact a prox mine, but the ten second tacking countdown timer on my watch. boy did i feel like a dumbass. luckily, no one was here to see it.

yerba maté and clean desktop

i’m brewing my third cup of this south american stimulant. it’s pretty tasty.
i spent a bit of time today cleaning up my computer and my desktop. it’s pretty tasty to not have a gazillion files all over the place. the image is from a movie that my dad designed, thx-1138. they shot in the bart tunnels before they opened. i was pretty young, and that was the first time that i lived in the bay area. bret was pretty excited last week when the movie was on slashdot. (they’re releasing a dvd).


important information

it is 1.64 nautical miles from my apartment to the boate, as the crow flies.
i travelled 2.55 knots in the truck on the way home.
i drove the truck at an average of 13 knots/hour on the way from the boate to my apartment.
i attained a maximum speed of 41.1 knots/hour on the way from the boate to my apartment.

there are all sorts of other bits of data that are going to be coming out of this device in the days to come. you can click on any of the tidal measuring stations and pull up a tide chart, along with the height. (there is an east station and a west station for angel island, as an example of the amount of detailed information now at my fingertips). sunset, sunrise, moonrise, moonset…these are celestial events that i can access.

ok now i gotta figure out why the watch is still not synchronizing with the tides.

gps is here

i took the gps down to the boate after looking at some commercial rental property in the city with steen. it makes my watch look like a dumb little toy, for all the information that it provides. and it floats, whereas the sea pathfinder would pull me straight to the bottom like a lead sinker. the watch works indoors, however. more later. i didn’t get the serial-ubs cable yet, so i may have to find a linux gps app and hook it up to the dusty linux box sitting under the polymoog.

suffering humiliating defeat (sort of)

just got done with a pretty intense session of pandora tomorrow with al. it went something like this: [partially abridged text…i removed some “dudes” and several “hahahaha”s]

AIM IM with Alberto Hernandez
12:57 AM
Alberto Hernandez: yo dude
Eric Haller: what up
Alberto Hernandez: nothin’ much
Alberto Hernandez: you up for some gaming?
Eric Haller: y
Alberto Hernandez: cool
Eric Haller: lets get to it then
Eric Haller: fire one up

2:15 AM
Alberto Hernandez is now online.
Alberto Hernandez: dude
Eric Haller: dude that was maddening
Alberto Hernandez: we got wailed
Alberto Hernandez: I had a good time though
Alberto Hernandez: we won a few
Eric Haller: y, but now i am fully sour
Eric Haller: we got wailed by some klansman or whatever his deal was
Alberto Hernandez: haha seriously
Alberto Hernandez: a couple of times we had him hanging by the balls
Eric Haller: y
Alberto Hernandez: I mean he was fully sour those two times that I cruised the thing at the last second

2:20 AM
Alberto Hernandez: you could tell the maps he really knew
Eric Haller: yep
Alberto Hernandez: oh well — next time maybe
Alberto Hernandez: anyway
Alberto Hernandez: I’m headin’ to bed
Eric Haller: k, im blogging this
Eric Haller: getting it out so i can sleep
Alberto Hernandez: call me tomorrow if you want to cruise the Boate

tracking….my new tracking device

i was just on the u.p.s. site tracking delivery of my new gps unit for the boate, and realized it was “a little ironic” as alanis might say.
in other news…set up this site, the boate, and minna as rss feeds for my yahoo…(actually, for those in the know, i set up MT to ping ping-o-matics new xml-rpc meta-pinger). you can add rss content to yer my yahoo, and do a search for these guys, if you are too set in your ways to get an aggregator.
the big big news is that white peaches, cherries, papayas, mangoes, nectarines, apricots….well, they all are in season, and i am doing my best to eat all of them before they rot on my counter. SO PURELY TASTEFUL!!!

hahahahah….wait that’s not so funny

ran into this on my health-related feeds. “necktie condom” ok, now that is funny. do we really believe that ties would project the same amount of professionalism sheathed in latex?
would doctors complain about “diminished sensations of professionalism and patient confidence”?
just take the fucking thing off. they look stupid anyhow. and everyone knows that the mont blanc is the true phallic status surrogate of the medical profession. the power to write illegible prescriptions….