don’t ask me why that thing is so addictive, it’s probably me. but i am getting bored with it after a couple of days surfing through all these random people, so i think i will soon return to blogging with some renewed passion.

race day

there was a pretty good breeze out on the bay today as we made our way to the starting line of the match race between the oracle bmw and alinghi america’s cup class boats. our timing could not have been better as we crashed through the swells at a brisk enough pace, and close enough to the racers to draw the attention of at least one of the committee boats (or maybe it was just one of the homeland defense boats). they must have briefly mistaken the boate as a vessel of disruptive anarchists bent on creating an embarrassment of one-upmanship out on the bay. they soon realized that we were not there to offer additional competition, merely cruising in a sightseeing capacity. the boate shall leave her contesting of the america’s cup for another day.
so here’s the start of the race viewed from the boate:



i think i was being a little extreme in my last post. played some music two nights ago and it was still pretty fun. here’s a little statistic that is part of what’s keeping me from rushing back into the stock market.

The estimated $300 billion in cash-out refinancing over the last two years is still dwarfed by the amount of consumer debt carried by Americans –$1.77 trillion, or $17,000 per household. This amount, by the way, does not include mortgages.

the consumer spending that has kept the economy limping along might soon be shutting down.

amphi bus

wow look at this. i once again haven’t been over here on the main page in a while, having spent the weekend with the boate… let’s see, the latest here is that i have not made it over to monterey market in something like two weeks, and i need to go to trader joe’s and the vacuum repair place tomorrow. it’s not so tasteful when the errands and tasks associated with your recreation start usurping the time you spend on basic things like making sure there is some fresh healthy food in the apartment. just another instance of my tendency to obsessively focus on whatever task is at hand, at the expense of balance. sorting out the boate motor has been my prime motivator during my time away from work.
this sobig computer virus is wreaking havoc on my email accounts. i don’t know if it’s from email harvesting or what. actually, i have been seeing a lot of email addresses that i recognize in the spam that the virus has been generating. it looks like somebody in the club promoter world has an infected computer that hit a couple more in the last few days, because the mail is now coming at a fast and furious pace. don’t bother sending me any email with the word wicked in the subject, or even approved, because that shit is going straight in the trash. before i see it. that’s the only filter that seems to have been even slightly effective.
i am dividing my time between a berkeley textbook on financial accounting and “globalization and its discontents”. i have all but given up on music. i like doing it, but the writing and performing of music is a young person’s occupation. a drunk young person’s obsession. i can see myself putting together another album of music in the future, but quite frankly i do not have the time right now to finish a record that i would feel satisfied with. i realized this over the last few months. my dad used to always relate some story to me about a successful screenwriter he knew who started out by working a regular day job, pulling his screenplay out of the top drawer of his desk occasionally to add something. i think his overall point was to get a day job, and not get discouraged by the fact that you are working to support some future dream. i also suspect that the story may have been some bastardization of william carlos williams’ life. i spoke with liz of lessick’s kid the other day, and was reminded of how it feels to have been working at the “business” aspect of music for an extended period of time. that’s the way i was three or four years ago, and i’m not going back. not now at least, and probably not ever. if i can figure out a way to record, play and perform and still feel that it’s fresh and fun, then i’ll do it. as soon as i hear things like “image problem” or “stylist”, or even “direction”, i feel like maybe i was born to do something else. like write prose or something that is not inextricably linked with appearance.
i also find it nearly impossible to write songs when i am feeling remotely happy or balanced. maybe all this sailing will turn me into a jimmy buffett.

thought helmet

this reminded me of the time i caused my mother to become hysterically alarmed by wearing a copper mixing bowl over my head. i told her that the bowl was going to reflect the electrical activity of my brain back into itself, thereby eventually causing some massive disruption of sanity. heheheh….she BELIEVED it!!! (i even started acting a little more “weird” than usual to complete the gag, which only raised mom’s level of alarm).

(heh. sorry mom, just remembered that. i’m sure you see the “comment” button down there!)

a little scary

this is a little scary, although i guess it’s mostly common sense. if neither side backs down, we are headed to war in north korea. i suppose the shifts in american foreign policy that have taken place in the last couple of years don’t really take on significance until they are exercised. like preemptive invasion and preemptive nuclear strike. didn’t the idea of preemptive use of nukes get shut down during the reagan years? well it’s back and it’s policy. (at least i think it is. all i know is that it keeps showing up as a subject of concern, usually buried somewhere between the laci peterson update and the bra adds).


well almost. after a lot of dealing and assistance from martin and phil, we finally got the motor back together. (i only found one washer that got left out after everything was reassembled….not bad). so we fired her up and…..we sheared off the prop pin that i had fabricated a replacement for. problem was, the aluminum stock that i used could not withstand the overwhelming six horsepower of torque, and broke immediately. i might as well have used toothpicks, captain steen observed, to which i replied that this project has seen no shortage of fuckups on both our behalves. captain steen readily acquiesced to this statement. in any case, we need to get the real part, probably made out of some very rare MARINE (i.e. VERY EXPENSIVE), alloy of titanium and diamond. or maybe just hardened steel. luckily, everything is shifting tastefully, she idles very tastefully (after i gapped the new spark plugs), and the impeller is pushing an impressive volume of cooling water through the engine. i have a feeling of satisfaction almost as if we had actually gone out sailing today.