uncharted territory

phil and i headed over to the city tonight to check out michelle garcia’s party. steen was talking up models in bikinis being painted by artists, and that sounded pretty cool. apparently it sounded cool to daniel dent too, because we saw him over there also. whatever, chicks getting body painted in general just sounds like something that guys would be interested in. yours truly being no exception.
imagine then my chagrin when i had to ask one of the exuberant models to “put her top back on right now”. here i have cruised over with the intention of ogling, (whether i admit it or not….oops, just did), and one of the girls takes off her top, exposing what everyone there was excited to see. boobs.
it made me rather unpopular with a lot of people. “dude, she’s just trying to have fun”. i think it was the first time i have ever asked a woman to please put her top back on. actually, i think i did also once when i was high on psilocybin, being straddled by a stripper with whipped cream all over her breasts, which i was licking off. hallucinogens and strippers just don’t mix for me, i guess. even when i am not high on mushrooms now, which is all of the time, strippers and their performances trigger some deep sense of absurdity in my mind. why guys pay money to INCREASE the blueness of their balls is beyond me. go to a hooker for fuck’s sake. (heh, just kidding mom).
but in any case, getting back to the point before getting to bed, that was some new ground tonight for me. i must be getting old when my superego triumphs over the id……..


this looks like some typical microsoft behavior. buy the company, bury the product. luckily, i won’t be using virtual pc on a g5 any time soon. otherwise i’d be extra sour. although i do use virtual pc for payroll, (the payroll company right now is extra sour, for reasons i will not go into here).

wait, there’s more. all this news breaking on the same day. hmmmm. the only windows emulation program for mac is now owned by microfuck. and they’re killing it, or at least dragging some serious feet on it. oh well, like i said, i only run one app in windows, so i don’t really care.

anti-relationship bachelor

today, i got accused of being anti-relationship. well, it’s actually not the first time this has come up, but i figured that after the triple latte that i had this afternoon, i am ready to take this one on. actually, i’ll take it on after i get back from trader joe’s.
ok i got back from the joe’s and made dinner and went to sleep and woke up and now i have to go to work. that triple latte yesterday kicked my ass, it felt like being on the tailend of a massive coke binge, without any of the associated euphoria. luckily, it went away. and, unlike coke, i did not feel like doing up another triple latte to stave off the imminent end of the buzz. i think the effects had something to do with low blood sugar, because after i ate i felt worlds better.

ok, i don’t have time to get into this right now, but here’s a fairly succinct version of my “anti-relationship” stance. i am not a believer in the primacy of a “relationship” in the overall makeup of a person’s happiness. having a relationship does not necessarily contribute to a person’s happiness any more than a whole number of other aspects in a person’s life. and it contributes nothing, or detracts from, a life that is otherwise out of balance.
here’s where the anti comes in, and having been there myself, i know something of what i am talking about. there is a tendency to allow yourself to feel miserable about not being in a relationship. or not being able to make an otherwise fatally flawed one work. or in staying in a relationship because it is noble to work on it, because relationships are “hard work”.
i am also accused of being “hard-hearted”, usually when i say stuff like, “get over it, there are plenty of other tasty (chicks or dudes) out there, and you’ll find someone you get along with”. this comes from going through several breakups where the world was probably going to come to an end, and i was never going to be involved with anyone again, and i was doomed to an eternity of miserableness. none of these things in fact occurred.
one last note: i am pretty sure that the term “soulmate” is a creation of the same people who came up with the “three months salary guideline”, or some other fucker who wants me to feel that it’s not authentic love if i don’t invest everything i have spiritually and financially in binding myself to life with someone else. OR ELSE.

ok that wasn’t the most eloquent or concise treatise on love, maybe i’ll try again sometime. now i’m late for work.

check this article out

blackberry tangerine

i’m sitting here after enjoying a tempe-ground beef and tomato fusili, with about a half pound of fresh basil tossed in, pecorino romano on top. and a canellini bean salad that i chopped romaine into really thin threads as a base. now i’m sipping on a blackberry juice with a tangerine juice floater, (actually its more like a half/half mixture, and looks like a tequila sunrise). pic of the new jib is over on theboate.com, and it really is an amazingly beatiful piece of work, can’t wait to see her fly. i’m reading about eight books right now, one of which is globalization and its discontents, and so far it is a very interesting read. i’m sure that in the near future something in the news will set me off and i’ll start blogging about it as a symptom of the changes due to economic globalization and neoliberalism. the second bar at the gallery is now open again after an extremely painful four months. we were awarded the “best after work bar in the u.s.” by citysearch. things are going well.

i am a visionary philosopher

i just took some dumb i.q. test and told them my name was arthur fonzerelli.
this is all it would tell me without a credit card number.

i am a visionary philosopher, and don’t forget it, motherfuckers. apparently years of partying has taken the edge off pretty tastefully, unless their scale doesn’t match the ones i took when i was a kid.

Congratulations, Arthur!
Your IQ score is 136

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode’s Ultimate IQ test. Your IQ score is scientifically accurate; to read more about the science behind our IQ test, click here.

During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on each of those questions which reveals how your brain uniquely works.

We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test. According to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is a Visionary Philosopher.

This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that’s just some of what we know about you from your IQ results.

hmmmm ok i was thinking about this in the shower: if they had said i was a close-minded impulse follower they really wouldn’t have had a chance for my $16 to see more. as it is they didn’t get the money anyhow. i am a tightwad visionary philosopher. i also figured out how they got the philosopher part. there was a question in there that was basically to complete a sentence from the republic, where it said something like wisdom is knowing the right thing to do, _______ is doing it. of course this is my old favorite, virtue versus akrasia. i think i’m going to take that test later and attempt to get every question wrong, and see how the free results turn out.

blow out

another great day out on the san francisco bay, with near perfect weather, and the captains aboard with no guest crew. at the beginning of the day, i had the jib laid out on the dock, applying some wind tells that i had bought. one of the stitches looked a little worn out, and i showed it to steen, and we decided that the seam needed repair, but that it would last through the day. this decision would come to haunt us. (not really, but it sounds like a pretty good teaser for what later happened). we passed the breakwater around 10:30 or so, in foggy but warm conditions with a 5-10 knot wind out of the west, and a pretty glassy smooth bay. we took a heading out of the marina for the windward side of angel island, and made some good time with a series of tacks, beating our way towards the golden gate bridge. plenty of boats out, several races going on, a good amount of practicing right-of-way, and several hours later, we were past angel island and flying along, about 15 minutes from the GG when captain steen informs me we’ve blown the jib. i headed the boate into the wind, and steen pulled it down. under sail with just the main, we aborted the bridge trip for another day and cruised down the raccoon strait and then nearly to the san rafael bridge in some gorgeous warm weather sailing, finally making it back to the marina around seven, then off to juan’s for a super carne asada. more to follow during the week as we stitch the sail and probably buy a replacement. check out the photos over in the photo section.