stock disclaimer

i am not offering advice on this blog about investment, ever. i will occasionally write about things i have bought or sold, but i am kind of lazy about posting every trade, or when i exit positions. one of the first lessons i learned in buying and selling stocks was to never follow anyone’s advice without doing my own research. i learned that lesson by LOSING money investing in things that trusted friends told me were sure things. to be fair, they lost money as well. i cannot stress this enough, so please don’t learn that lesson by acting on anything i post up here. if you do, you have been warned: DO NOT CONSTRUE ANYTHING ON HERE AS ADVICE.

2 thoughts on “stock disclaimer”

  1. Hey there, scott is going to stay in ojai while your mom goes down for a visit! sounds as though you are happy and enjoying yourself. quick question for you, looking at target stock, really where should i research?

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