….and we’re back

for those of you that were alarmed at the lack of a central clearinghouse for all things eric haller over the past couple of months, i have troubleshot the situation, and it turned out to be a plugin gone horribly wrong the w3 something or other optimizer. we have now returned to the internet, and will begin preparations for our 10 year anniversary…..ummm next april. (actually i think i have been blogging longer, but this will be 10 years on wordpress).

One thought on “….and we’re back”

  1. You really sulhdon’t have a problem (so long as your PT is up to Air Force/Navy par). It really depends, though, on what type of ROTC you’re interested in. If, say, you wanted to go to the Air Force Academy in CO or Annapolis, you need to get your butt in gear to find a government sponsor and you can select an option to receive information on scholarships. If you want to attend a civilian school, like UMass-Amherst (they have an AFROTC program (the only one I know of in the area!)) you need to speak with the ROTC program at the school. The scholarships offered by most ROTC programs are given out after the first semester of participation. However, I would strongly advise you do a little research to find an officer recruiter in your area and speak to him. They will have the answers with far more detail available for you.

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