the anti-warehouse store mentality

i went shopping today. there are many things to explore, lots of different spices and fruits and vegetables i am not used to seeing in a corner store. i found some tasty looking granola, liquid yogurt with tropical fruit mixed in, bananas, coffee, a mango, some dish soap. then i went to the paper goods section for some toilet paper. my conditioned instinct was to grab the biggest megashopper-sized extra-combo pack i could find. there was one large-sized pack, but as i reached for it i reminded myself that all the groceries had to fit in the new bike’s basket. i grabbed a single roll instead.
a kid on horseback just went by the house at a full gallop. the hooves on the gravel and stone road made a great sound. a minute or two later his buddy came sauntering along lazily, riding halfway sidesaddle and looking in no hurry to be anywhere.
saturday riders

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  1. halle says:

    If you see any hot sauce on the shelves of the mercado called “Chilero,” check it out. It’s pretty tasty.

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