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morning rain

i woke up to the sound of rain on the roof this morning. i grabbed my laptop, went downstairs, and sat shirtless on the porch drinking coffee, reading feeds, and watching the rain fall on the yard. i got bored … Continue reading

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mystery power outage

last night we got back from bodysurfing and dinner in town to discover the house with no power. we fired up candles and flipped the breakers, then went out to the street and looked at the connection to the power … Continue reading

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things that go bump in the night…and day

every so often there is a slightly metallic thump coming from somewhere in the thick growth. the first night here, i couldn’t quite figure it out. my first guess was that someone in the neighborhood was collecting and recycling. the … Continue reading

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the anti-warehouse store mentality

i went shopping today. there are many things to explore, lots of different spices and fruits and vegetables i am not used to seeing in a corner store. i found some tasty looking granola, liquid yogurt with tropical fruit mixed … Continue reading

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i did laundry today in the kitchen sink using dish soap. then i brought the clothes upstairs and hung them in the morning sun off the back porch railing. i started thinking as i scrubbed my t-shirts that although throwing … Continue reading

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lost my talisman

i lost the maori greenstone necklace i have been wearing for the last 4 years today to the surf gods of the caribbean. i guess that means it is time for a new talisman. my new bike, below, does not … Continue reading

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7-27-07 i woke up around 5:30 this morning and pulled the laptop under the mosquito net to do some reading. so far i don’t mind the lack of internet at the house, it’s a nice distraction free environment. my attention … Continue reading

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second day in costa rica

as i write this, i am surrounded by the noise of the rain forest. crickets, frogs, birds, monkeys, and the distant surf are mixing together, and it sounds similar to a meditation/sound effects LP my parents had back in the … Continue reading

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greetings from puerto viejo

i am sitting at pan y chocolate, drinking some costa rican coffee from a french press. i flew in yesterday and took a four hour bus ride up through the cloud forest and then down to the coast. the house … Continue reading

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and one more

did this one with tony on july 2. there is some cool stuff in there, a melodica, this weird slavic-looking banjo thing whose name escapes me, and this casio:

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