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more days in the sun

according to a report about to be issued, increasing vitamin D levels results in a 60% decrease in cancer incidence. yes, six zero. the best way to increase vitamin D is to get out in the sun. i think i … Continue reading

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intelligence committee knew

dick durbin reveals on the floor that the intelligence committee knew that the white house was misleading the american public about WMD in iraq, but could do nothing about it because of their secrecy oaths.

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bush’s misdirection

bush is engaging in misdirection by saying that congress is attempting to tell the generals how to do their jobs, and it is time to call him on it. i did a search of google news to find the quote … Continue reading

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give me whatever is on tap

i like the taste of berkeley water. same goes with good old hetch hetchy in san francisco. now the new trend for foodies is drinking tap water instead of bottled water. i applaud this trend. Last month, the San Francisco … Continue reading

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moving isn’t that bad

so far, packing up boxes and organizing things to be moved hasn’t been nearly as painful as i thought it was going to be. i am looking forward to having it done for reals though.

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the couch has left the building

i had, up until last night, an ikea pullout bed sofa. nothing special, but it was the most unbelievably comfortable couch to sleep on. phil takes bragging rights for the last nap, yesterday afternoon while we were waiting for the … Continue reading

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this is pretty much true

i know, i know, it’s probably just separation anxiety manifesting as lashing out at the beautiful city by the bay, but i saw this cartoon today and had to laugh, because i have always remarked that san francisco smells kinda … Continue reading

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taking some pain

brett steenbarger has a post up talking about why he does his taxes by hand. i have done the same thing over the last couple of years, for the same reasons he describes. My favorite form of performance review is … Continue reading

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steve martin cracks me up

Snl_dontbuystuffUploaded by shosterman

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tax the tall

greg mankiw presents a compelling argument for a tax on height (young men make on average 2% more income per inch of height): The problem addressed in this paper is a classic one: the optimal redistribution of income. A utilitarian … Continue reading

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