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al qaeda financial attack?

this morning, like every morning, i logged into my online brokerage account. their server was down, and my portfolio and watchlists were unavailable. this was a little disconcerting because i already knew that it was a down day for the … Continue reading

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the internets is like one big rose parade

it seems like every year, or maybe every quarter, i start thinking about moving from the bay area. my thoughts about leaving here increase proportionally to the amount of chill i am feeling in my bones. right now it is … Continue reading

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bad retail data

barry ritholtz reports that the actual sales numbers from black friday weekend are coming in, and they aren’t quite the ~+20% y.o.y. survey numbers that the NRF was pushing. from the wall street journal post: It’s easy to get caught … Continue reading

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sing joni

a caller on michael krasny’s show this morning suggested that if you get a song stuck in your head, try singing a couple of bars of a joni mitchell tune. he said it always works.

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holiday sales up almost 20%

i was watching 60 minutes tonight and there was a news flash during one of the commercial breaks that sales were up 19% over last year during the black friday weekend. no explanation given that the numbers came from the … Continue reading

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mixing and mastering

i just finished mixing and mastering a 4 song EP for the receptionist movement, and took the CD out for a ride in the car. liz is going to sell the CDs in europe when she goes on tour next … Continue reading

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rummy’s parting comments

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prop 87

prop 87 got shot down. if a measure addressing the externalities of our petroleum addiction can’t pass in california, i have a feeling it’s going to be a while before the united states at large moves to do anything. the … Continue reading

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let the hearings begin?

so now what? should democrats start holding hearings now that they can? should all of the blatant abuses of the current administration be brought into the disinfecting sunlight, or should the newly rebalanced legislative branch focus on forging a new … Continue reading

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berkeley measure H

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