cyber monday — suckers!

there was certainly a lot of press surrounding “cyber monday”. i saw it on the internet, read about it in the paper, and saw it on the tv. the thing is, it’s pure hype and fabrication and was invented a week and a half ago. man, the pressure to create pressure on consumers in this country is sometimes overwhelming.

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  2. eric says:

    I don’t see how my post could be construed as conspiracy theory. I was quite amused to read your original article and discover that the day was really pure P.R. hype, and yet absolutely ubiquitously reported as being on a par with Black Friday.
    I don’t fault the folks at for doing their job. In fact, they did an unbelievable job of promoting the day in such a short time frame. Yours was the first article I had seen, amidst ubiquitous press saturation about the event, that actually REPORTED about it as opposed to regurgitating the original press release.

    (the columbia journalism review article did a much better job of commenting on your report than i did).

  3. halle says:

    Great post. So what did you buy online Monday, E?!?! I bought nothing and liked it. Aperture did arrive yesterday though and now I must buy a new desktop. I should have ponied up the dough and bought a better video card when I bought my iMac 6 months ago. Doh!

  4. eric says:

    yeah i bought some ADRX. not really a hugely compelling buy, but i felt like i had to buy SOMETHING.

  5. gimaha says:

    It’s a little late to get in on the Monday madness, however I’d like to get you and B. some flannel lined jean from LL Bean……please advise me on sizes.


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