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flying kites and sailing

the berkeley kite festival is this weekend, and phil and i sailed the boate just off the marina breakwater to get an unparalelled view of the kites. it was as good a day as you get in the bay area, … Continue reading

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a new song: supers are the new meat market

i was in trader joe’s on tuesday, thinking about how i’ve read that supermarkets are the new singles meeting places. they certainly have always been a bit of a scene where i grew up, in hollywood. plenty of hot dudes … Continue reading

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admitting you were wrong

i received an email today that contained this quote from bertrand russell’s essay on power. “One of the advantages of democracy, from the governmental point of view, is that it makes the average citizen easier to deceive, since he regards … Continue reading

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of, by, and for the people (of chevron, exxon mobil, et. al.)

the oil and gas industry has spent $367 million over the last two years lobbying congress to pass energy legislation, and it looks like their investment is going to pay off to the tune of $11.5 billion in energy tax … Continue reading

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unreasonable search and seizure

random search and seizures started today on the new york subway system. Riders on the nation’s largest subway system waited patiently while officers at various stations around the city combed through their briefcases and knapsacks on the first day of … Continue reading

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warcraft for REAL

tonight i played warcraft for a few hours on my new machine. i haven’t been playing all that much over the last couple of months, but i wanted to see how much of a difference the ATI X850 graphics card … Continue reading

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buying the blogosphere

tonight i went to the eff’s fight for blogger’s rights party over at minna. i got back and my rss reader was filled with posts about how mind-blowingly awesome boeing’s new connexion plane is (there, i linked to it, increasing … Continue reading

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al gore and video ipod

i had forgotten about this one, but my brother just IMed me an article and it jogged my memory. al gore’s current tv is all about quick video shorts. in fact, from their vision statement: So, we’re creating a network … Continue reading

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i just watched the movie osama, a powerful, beautiful, and brutal movie that i can recommend.

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upgrade mission accomplished

this is the fastest computer i have ever seen. and i am not kidding.

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