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spring springs eternal

i got a bunch of work done on some songs and then hopped on my bike with the camera and rode around taking pictures. it’s a pretty beautiful place, berkeley.

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hamburger at the grill

i had lunch with david hamburger at the tadich grill today, he’s in town from maryland for a couple days. i haven’t seen him in a year or two, and it was really cool catching up. i tried to convince … Continue reading

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hunter s. thompson

as i was writing my last post, a comment notification came in from my mom, asking when i was going to write about hunter s. thompson. he was a pretty big influence on my writing. i had a weekly column … Continue reading

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the maoist game review

i ran across a link to a maoist game review page when reading maciej’s blog (i think i met him in #joiito irc channel). i actually enjoyed reading some of these reviews, and especially this bit on the index page: … Continue reading

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i went on a spree

i went to see the polyphonic spree at bimbo’s tonight. i have been listening to “together we’re heavy” for a while now, i missed them the last time they were in town, at slim’s, and i am glad i did. … Continue reading

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clouds: better at a distance

phil and i took a short sail today, left the marina at 2 and were right off san francisco by 4. the national weather service had a hazardous weather warning out for possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. yesterday i believed … Continue reading

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up to my neck in it

remember how i was bemoaning the fact that i couldn’t become immersed in the latest myst game? i am not having that problem WHATSOEVER with world of warcraft. maybe i’ll write about it tomorrow, right now i just got out … Continue reading

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gaming sunday

i just got back from the store with world of warcraft and intellivision for the xbox. could be a hectic week coming up.

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excellent statement from white house spokesman scott mclellan on a videotaped interview in which bush admits smoking weed: “Look, I think that, one, the comments in the tapes speak for themselves. And two, I think that what I just said … Continue reading

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neekole posted some vid

nicole lee posted a vid clip of me playing at the wordpress 1.5 release party. cool!

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