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sustaining my member(ship)

look what they sent me.

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skype for mac

i think we’ve all been waiting for this. skype for mac. the frightening thing? i just plunked down my 10 euros, clicked on my cel, and it connected, flawlessly and tastefully. guess what application is going to be travelling to … Continue reading

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model sailing

bret and paul and i took the model boats over to marina del rey to sail them, after a little canal sailing. the wedding was cool yesterday, i am waiting for some photos to post. the newlyweds, mr. and mrs. … Continue reading

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unlimited visibility…until l.a.

i have never seen it as clear as today, i spent the whole flight from oakland to l.a.x. with my book in my lap, glued to the window (and my polarized sunglasses were doing cool colorization things with the laminated … Continue reading

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goin’ mobile

naturally the weather here has become outrageously beautiful just as i prepare to embark on about a month of travelling. tomorrow i am on a plane to L.A. to hang out at ron choi’s wedding and kick back at bret … Continue reading

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citizen x: man in the street

phil and i were talking this weekend about citizen x’s new blog. if you haven’t already checked it out, you should. he’s in new york right now reporting on the opportunistically absurd staging of the first republican national convention there … Continue reading

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polyphonic spree

i am listening to the polyphonic spree album right now. everyone has been playing it around the gallery, but listening to it in the background isn’t quite the same. it’s really good.

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georgie boy

i feel almost sorry for george bush in this vid. he looks pretty lost.

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song update/lamely analyzing things in public

after listening to last night’s tune a few more times it’s several people’s stories in one, but it’s confused and i didn’t seem to find the thread in all of them yet. i was talking with alberto on IM, talking … Continue reading

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shaken, stirred & cuckolded

this one sort of streamed out of the subconscious last night as emotional and intellectual sampling. my feeling is that it is really not done yet, but i want to get it out of my hands right now and listen … Continue reading

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