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funny one

Will Ferrell – A message from White House West

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self censoring

i posted then removed a post tonight. i don’t do that hardly ever, but i was irritated with some things today, vented about them, then thought better about sharing them at this juncture. i will post my comments maybe at … Continue reading

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it’s all about the boate

i missed the telecast of john kerry’s speech, but i just read it. i am going to spend some time this weekend going over his platform online. the man has a herculean task ahead of him, on several fronts. very … Continue reading

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awesome cool dudes

just got back from minna, checking out the awesome cool dudes, a band on tour from their native austin texas. they played with hot mute, gary’s band. the show rocked.

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looking better

i did a quick redesign because i was sick of looking at that green. this is a little more like it. i was thinking of several things that i wanted to write about on the train home from minna tonight, … Continue reading

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conflicted contribution

i just made a contribution to the kerry/edwards campaign. not a big one at all, when i read about a friend from high school dropping a million bucks into their coffers. actually, not a big contribution by any measure. here’s … Continue reading

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bill clinton

he is pure charisma. i wonder how much of his speech he wrote himself, because, save for the (largely excusable) moments of self-aggrandizement, he pegged that one. good thing noone had to follow that. (except for patti labelle, i guess).

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hidden bike track

i took my bike and guitar down to the boate today, and went for a ride towards a big tent (lower left). some horse circus variant of cirque du soleil (with requisite euro name: cavalia) is setting up near golden … Continue reading

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that’s it.

i’m done for the night, at 4 in the morning. it still looks pretty stupid around here, like maybe a new-age patchoulli environmentally friendly life-improvement bookstore and homopathic remedy megacenter. fuck it. i live in berkeley, so i am permitted … Continue reading

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comment rss feed

one of the cool features of this new deal is that you can now subscribe to a feed of the comments. should be useful for finding out what the ghost of chav is saying, in a more timely manner.

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